Isabelle Chen-Angliker

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11651 Jollyville Rd., Suite 150
Austin, Texas 78759

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Isabelle Integrative Medicine PLLC

Balanced Health

We treat the whole person, not just the disease. We encourage a partnership where the clients become deeply involved in understanding the core of their illness or disease, and their involvement in a path towards healing.

Our creative solutions involve a subtle blending of traditional Chinese medicine including acupuncture, Asian Bodywork Therapy, Chinese herbal prescriptions, dietary advice, and exercise. The art of integrative medicine harmonizes the wisdom of Western and Asian medical practices to prompt the body's innate healing ability. We are choosing the most effective, and least invasive intervention for our clients. Complementary medicine is based on good science to promote health and prevent illness through individualized treatment plans. Our goal, always, is to inspire clients to embark on their own journey toward health, insight, and joy.

Isabelle Integrative Medicine PLLC